Pokemon BDSP Battle Tower Guide: Best Battle Tower Teams – Hotspawn (2023)

Here you can challenge a group of powerful trainers with carefully selected trainers.pokemon teamsdesigned to bring you down. Defeating sets of seven trainers will reward you with valuable Battle Points, or BP, which you can exchange for valuable endgame items like special TMs, evolution items, and a variety of tools to make your Pokémon stronger. Make no mistake, although it's still a Pokémon game, Battle Tower can be quite a challenge for any player who isn't prepared.

If you want to build a team that can withstand the Battle Tower, you've come to the right place. Here are the best teams for Pokémon BDSP Battle Tower.

Battle Tower Rules

First, it's important to understand the Battle Tower rules and format. There are two categories of challenges: single and double battles. In Solo Battles, you choose a team of three Pokémon to individually battle against other teams of three. In tag team battles, the tag team format requires four Pokémon. All Pokémon are paired at level 50. Two Pokémon cannot enter battle with the same item. Last but not least, some Pokémon are denied entry entirely. These Pokémon are:

maullaryour deathlugiaho-oh

The Battle Tower Challenge takes place in groups of seven. After winning all seven fights in a set, you will be rewarded with BP. You can then go back to the challenge to continue your winning streak. After winning 20 fights in a row, you will face Tower Tycoon Palmer in the 21st fight. Palmer has a very strong team, and it only gets stronger when you face him again in the 49th fight. If you lose a single game, your streak is reset and you gain no BP for that set.

The amount of BP you get per set is three, with a win against Palmer giving you a much more rewarding 20. Once you hit a 49-win streak, you'll unlock Master Class Battles, which offer even tougher opponents and an increased reward of 12 BP per set. Also, higher Winstreaks have the potential to give you several useful items to power up your Pokemon.

Best Individual Teams

The single and double battle formats have different Pokémon that stand out in them, so let's go through them one by one. In one-on-one battles, it's important to have multiple Pokemon that can either sweep an opponent, or at least defeat two Pokemon by itself. Since you can't have a full counter for every situation, adequate coverage from your liberos is crucial to keeping long winning streaks alive. Here are 10 Pokemon you can use in this role. Note that there are more viable scanners than those listed below, they are more common and easier to get up and running.

Tolle Singles-Sweeper

Level STiranizar, Gardos, Schoror
one levelInfernape, Knakrack, Starmie
Level BCloyster, Metagross, Latios, Lucario

Tyranitar, Gyarados and SherorThey're all awesome Pokemon that teams can easily sweep under the right circumstances. They each have access to a stat-boosting move (Dragon Dance for the top two, Sword Dance for Scizor) that lets them set up for sweeps.

Tyranitar has incredible mass and can survive at least one hit against most Pokémon. He can also use his ability to create a sandstorm that can break Focus Sashs. Gyarados' Intimidate ability and high Special Defense mean it can survive its first few turns against anything but Electric-type attacks. While Scizor might not be as bulky as these two, its versatility, priority moves, and Engineer ability make it incredibly threatening, even without Sword Dance.

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The duo Dragon Dance is amazing at creating sweeps in singles.

Infernape e GarchompThey are two very powerful physical attackers that also have access to stat boosting builds. However, these two have many weaknesses that they can reveal if they are not respected. Garchomp used to be the sweeping king in Gen 4, then the Fairy-type came along. Now Garchomp will not be able to deal with Azumarill and other fairies.

Infernape is very vulnerable to being shot by one of its many debuffs. Even though its speed is high, things like Vaporeon and Starmie can easily take it out. Speaking of Starmie, it's a very powerful ranged threat, thanks to its high speed and special attack along with a versatile moveset.

monasteryhe is the ultimate user of the stat-boosting move Shell Smash. Thanks to its naturally high defense, Cloyster can reliably take on almost any physical attacker. Metagross also has a lot of natural bulk and also comes with an incredible attack stat. Taking Metagross to 72 and learning Agility or giving him a Chosen Scarf can solve his main speed problem.

Finally,Latios from Lucariusare two other useful scanner options. While Latios can learn Dragon Dance, they work best with a high Special Attack. Lucario, on the other hand, is all about physical damage. Swords dance in close combat with extreme speed for Priority is a devastating moveset.

In addition to sweepers, your Battle Tower team might need some dough. The Pokémon that can be switched when a bad combination threatens your brooms is very important. These tanks come in many forms, but the idea behind them is the same. Here are five trusty tanks to add to your Battle Tower ranks.


Level STogekiss, Cresselia
one levelGastrodon, Azumarill
Level BI relax

The Fairy DuoTogekiss e CresseliaThese are incredible options to complete your singles team. Both Pokemon are incredibly tough and can withstand a variety of moves, even super-effective ones. They each have an HP recovery move, Roost for Togekiss and Moonlight for Cresselia. Also leftovers are best used in one of these.

Defense isn't the only thing these Pokemon can do. Togekiss with Serene Grace has a 60% chance to counter Air Slash, a special STAB move. Cresselia can use her Tank Health to build Calm Mind, making her Psychic pack a huge hit.

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Cresselia and Togekiss are two of the most tanky Pokemon you can run.

Another fairy option isAzumarill. While Azumarill has a lot of natural mass and the option for the Big Fat ability, it can be a much more aggressive option. With its Huge Power ability, which doubles its attack, and the option to set up a Belly Drum, Azumarill can easily sweep teams and be difficult to take down.

The type of water backgroundGastronIt's really good for full coverage. Take neutral or less damage from all types in play except grass, which has a 4x weakness. Like Togekiss and Cresselia, Gastrodon can perform an HP recovery move and keep leftovers. It can run Earth Force and Ice Beam as special moves, which are of great value against many popular Pokemon.

Finally,I relaxIt also fits the bill for a tank option. Not only does Relaxo have thick fat, it can also contain scraps and leftovers. Then its high Attack stat can be used with moves like Body Slam and Earthquake, and summoned with Sleep Talk. If you don't want to talk in your sleep, Curse is a great stat-boosting move, as Snorlax doesn't mind draining more speed.

Typically, you'll want to run a combination of two sweepers and a bulk option for your Battle Tower Singles team. The only real requirement is making sure that no Pokemon you're up against can block your entire team. For example, a team of Gyrados, Tyranitar, and Cresselia might struggle to defeat an enemy Azumarill. Instead, you can trade Tyranitar for Metagross to gain access to a Steel-type move while still retaining the Earthquake option. Cresselia could then be switched with Togekiss to avoid duplicating psychic types.

Best teams in doubles

Doubles is a very different format than singles in almost every way. Instead of focusing on overall coverage and sweeping potential, the need to support Pokemon changes how you should build a team. In addition to the huge increase in options, Pokémon trading is becoming much more important. New mechanics like moves that hit the opposing Pokemon and damage redirection also become relevant.

Building a team for Battle Tower Doubles requires a combination of damage, support, and mass. Many of the good single sweepers can be converted into dual sweepers, but there are many other options. Here are some good damage dealers for the duos format.

Great double damage dealers

Level STyranitar, Mamoswine, Scizor
one levelLudicolo, Rotom Wash, Garchomp, Salamence
Level BHeatran, Latios, Gardevoir

Tyranitar, Garchomp, Salamence e MamoswineAnyone can use Earthquake to deal massive AOE damage. Keep in mind that Earthquake will hit the Pokemon next to the user, so play a Flying or Hover-type user on the field if possible. Tyranitar, Garchomp, and Salamence also have access to Rock Slide, a powerful attack that only hits the two opposing Pokemon and has a chance to knock back anything it hits.

WhileScissorsHe only uses single-target moves, his stat-boosting potential and priority KOs make him a great pick.rotary washIt packs powerful STAB special moves and can threaten many common Flying types and Ground/Rock types.ridiculousIt's one of the strongest attackers due to its typing, versatility, and affinity with Rain, which we'll talk about in a moment.

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With the right support, Scizor can be one of the most threatening, if not the most dangerous, damage dealers you can bring into the Battle Tower.

For fire-type options, Salamence can use flamethrower if needed, butHeatranHe is an amazing fire damage dealer. Heat Wave and Earth Power are powerful multi-target attacks. Note that Earth Power will hit an adjacent teammate, but Heat Wave will not.

Latios e GardevoirThey are the two best psychics you can command. Latios also has the advantage of being a Dragon type, while Gardevoir is a Fairy type. Both Pokemon provide cover and can be difficult to pin down due to their typing.

There's a lot to consider when deciding how to support your team. The Pokémon you choose to support your damage dealers will determine how your Team of Duos will play. There are many mechanics to consider when deciding what to run. Often, the support Pokémon will also make up the bulk of your team. These are some of the most common support options.

large double brackets

Level SArcanine, Hitmontop, Togekiss, Gastrodon
one levelRaikou, Politoed, Cresselia
Level BPelipper, Pachirisu, Tangrowth

Pokemon with the ability Intimidate, which lowers the Attack of all opponents on the field, are incredibly valuable. under,Arcanine e HitmontopThey stand out as two of the best support Pokemon. Arcanine provides much-needed Fire-type coverage when you're not running Heatran. It also has the Growl attack, which damages all opposing Pokémon and lowers their Special Attack. Hitmontop, on the other hand, can provide great support moves like Helping Hand while also landing a hit with Close Combat.

Togekiss and Gastrodonthey are still very good at doubles. In addition to their Tank Ability, both Pokémon can perform Yawns to guarantee a sleep or a trade. These two also introduce a very important mechanic for duos, redirection. Togekiss can use Follow Me to force all opposing Pokemon to target it instead of its partner. This means you can reliably set up a damage dealer with stat-boosting moves without worrying about him getting KOed. Although Gastrodon doesn't have access to Follow Me, its Storm Drain ability redirects all Water-type attacks, making it a good combination with Fire and Ground/Rock-types.

Raikou and CresseliaBoth can use Light Screen and Reflect to set up their team to take half damage. Raikou also has access to Snarl, which means he has the same support as Arcanine. Now Cresselia has an interesting strategy to build on. Move Trick Room reverses speed on the field, causing slower Pokemon to move ahead of faster ones. That means you can run some slower Pokemon like Gastrodon, Mamoswine, or Metagross with it. Coincidentally, Cresselia's levitation ability means she is very good at slow earthquake users.

Another important team setting is the Rain team. Rain is a weather effect that increases the power of Water-type moves by 50%, allows Thunder and Hurricane to bypass accuracy checks, and triggers many Pokemon abilities like Fast Swim.Pelipper e PolitoedBoth can have the Drizzle ability, which starts rain upon entering combat.

Pelipper can use the added water damage and hurricane accuracy to become a bigger threat. Additionally, he can use the Tailwind attack to double the speed of his entire party for four turns. Politoed can run a few different support moves like Hypnosis and Song of Ruin, which makes it well-suited for that niche as well. When Rain is active, Ludicolo becomes the most threatening Pokémon on the field. Not only can he deal a lot of damage with water moves, but his Swift Swim ability doubles his speed in rain. This is how the composition Rain came about.

Pokemon BDSP Battle Tower Guide: Best Battle Tower Teams – Hotspawn (4)

The Rain team is one of the most reliable builds you can run in dual battles.

Finally,Pachirisu e TangrowthThese are two more redirection options that can be very useful. While Pachirisu is weak to the all-too-common Ground-type, its Follow Me is very effective at redirecting many neutral damage moves. Nuzzle is great for granting Paralysis, while Super Catch is a guaranteed 50% portion of any Pokemon's HP. Tangrowth uses Rage Powder instead of Follow Me for forwarding and also has access to Sleep Powder for more status apps. Giga Drain also provides good grass coverage when not using Ludicolo.

One thing to note about Doubles is that Move Protect is invaluable in making sure your Pokemon lives as long as possible. Protect grants a turn of invulnerability to the Pokemon that uses it. The move can be used twice in a row, but it is not guaranteed to work. Shield allows you to delay a turn for a Pokemon that is in danger of taking heavy damage. This position can help your second Pokemon safely eliminate the threat of the first. To give you an idea of ​​the importance of Protect, it's not uncommon to see four or five Protects per team of six.

The best items for the Battle Tower

Once you've created your team, it's time to decide which items to use for whom. Keep in mind that you can't use an item on more than one Pokemon per team. We have already discussed residual inventories and how they should be managed in the event of an imminent large loss. There are five main groups of items to consider when deciding who should have what.


Berries are consumable items that can be dropped once per battle. There are many types of berries that have different effects. Citrus fruits are the standard fruits for health recovery. It gives the holding Pokemon 25% of its HP when it drops below 50%.

Then there are the berries that heal status effects. These berries are automatically eaten when the Pokemon holding them gains a certain stat. For example, Chesto Berries can be given to a Pokemon that uses Rest to instantly wake it up. The Lum Berry is special because it can cure any condition.

There are also berries that protect the Pokemon holding it from super effective moves. These berries reduce incoming damage by 50% and often make the difference between a Pokémon surviving or not.

item of your choice

Choice Items are items that increase a Pokémon's stats in exchange for allowing them to only choose one move. These items can be useful for helping a Pokémon overcome certain damage or speed limits. After choosing a move on a Pokémon with a choice element, it can only use the same move until it is Knocked Out. In that case, he can choose a new move the next time he enters.

The three main items to look out for are Choice Scarf, Choice Band, and Choice Specs. Each of them multiplies the user's Speed, Attack and Special Attack by 1.5x.

focus element

Focus items are items that allow the user to survive a blackout. This group includes the Focus Sash and Focus Band. Focus Sash prevents the wielder from being instantly KO'd at full HP. This is very useful with Pokemon that need to be set up, such as B. Dragon Dance or Shell Smash users.

Focus Band gives the holder a 10 percent chance to survive any KO they receive. This item is very RNG-based, so only run it if you're prepared for disappointment.


Orbs are items that apply a harmful status to the Pokemon that has them. There are three types, Life Orb, Flame Orb and Toxic Orb. The Orb of Life causes the user's damaging moves to deal 30% more damage, costing 10% of the user's HP per move. This item is essential for one of your damage dealers.

Flame Orb and Toxic Orb cause Burn or Poison at the end of the turn. These items are incredibly useful for Pokemon that have abilities that take advantage of these conditions. For example, Milotic's Marvel Scale increases his defense by 50% when he has a status condition. Breloom's poison heal causes him to restore 12.5% ​​of his maximum HP each turn when poisoned, instead of taking damage.

Another booster item

There are many other items that increase your Pokémon's effectiveness. Some examples are plates and sticks of incense, which increase the corresponding damage type by 20%. Many other items do this as well, like B. Dragon Fangs for Dragon attacks or Miracle Seeds for Grass attacks. Expert Belt increases the power of super effective moves by 20%, Wise Glass increases special moves by 10%, and so on.

Build what works for you

The Battle Tower can be a challenge for many players. It tests team building, strategy and game skills. Additionally, there are many mechanics that we won't cover here that can be used to maximize your Pokémon's potential, such as:Electric Vehicle Training.

There is no right way to meet the challenge. There are many unique Pokémon and combinations that can be used with great success in the Battle Tower. In the end, build what you find fun and go from there. If you find that a particular pairing is causing you problems, think about what you can do to make it easier. Eventually, you'll be able to build a 100-win streak.

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