Is Cutco Knives a scam? The Edge of Deception - Cutco's Piece of Truth! (2023)

Is Cutco Knives a scam? The Edge of Deception - Cutco's Piece of Truth! (1)

I want to share a story with you. It is a story of possibilities and exploration. An epic adventure all about you, a dream to make money on your own terms... and a shiny blade sharp enough to cut through copper. It is the legend of Cutco knives 😀

Okay…the true story of Cutco may not be all that dramatic, but if you're looking for an unbiased review, you've come to the right place. if you wonder ifCutco Knives is a scam… that is also a topic that we will discuss. The truth may surprise you.

Please note that I am not a member or affiliate of Cutco Knives (or Vector Marketing). This review was researched using publicly available information and/or testimonials. All recommendations and/or conclusions are opinions only and may not apply or agree to all people or situations.For more information, please see the full notice.

What is Cutco?

Cutco Knives is a manufacturer and distributor of quality cutlery, knives and kitchen accessories. They also manufacture and market sports, hunting and pocket knives.

Cutco was founded in 1949 (a joint venture betweenAlcoamiCutleryoriginally calledAlcas Corporation) manufactures its products in Olean, New York(Visitor Center and Factory pictured below). Today they claim to be in the homes of 16 million satisfied customers.

Is Cutco Knives a scam? The Edge of Deception - Cutco's Piece of Truth! (2)

Cutco knives are known for their high quality and durability. they are tooSSemi-renowned for being able to cut rope and leather. Their real claim to fame though, is that they make kitchen shears (scissors) that can cut a dime. Yes... a penny. More on that in a moment.

So the question is, why is a company that has been around since 1949 and that sells an exceptional product called a scam?


we call it Cutcoa single levelDirect sales company. Contrary to what some have said, they are not a multi-level marketing company or a pyramid scheme. As a Cutco sales representative, you cannot create a downline and earn commissions.

At first, Cutco had hundreds of these small independent direct sellers.

One such vendor was called Vector Marketing, and between 1981 and 1984 Vector Marketing sold significantly more than any other independent vendor.

So, in 1985, Cutco bought Vector Marketing and made it their best-selling product, and in business as usual, they doubled Vector's success across the continent.

Today, if you see an ad or get a call from someone offering you a job selling Cutco cutlery, it's coming from Vector Marketing (not Cutco).

Vector has also had its share of controversies over the years. along with ahandful of lawsuits, including the state of Wisconsin, which ordered Vector to stop providing dishonest information to students, the Washington Post conducted a 1996 survey of 940 Vector recruits.

Nearly half reported making no money or even losing money working for Vector Marketing (again…not Cutco).

In 1996, the Washington Post reported that of the 940 Vector recruits interviewed, nearly half were earning nothing and some were actually losing money.

In fact, Vector Marketing's dubious practices even inspired a group of college students to do so.create a groupnamed SAVE(Students Against Vector Exploitation).

Despite the negativity surrounding vector merchandising, they still work today and are Cutco Cutlery's best sellers.

If you're reading this report on income opportunities (rather than Cutco products) but aren't sure if you're interested in selling, you can still make money online by doing simple things like:investigawith pages You can also earn money by visiting websites, watching videos and searching the internet.inbox dollars.

Of course, surveys don't pay as much as sales, but if you want to make money online, they're a good first step.

If you want to make a lot of money but tend to be more of an introvert or, again, don't like selling, use the Internet to work completely from home (and multiply your efforts in ways that aren't possible with direct sales).you needto get someyou want to.

Is Cutco Knives a scam?

Is Cutco Knives a scam? The Edge of Deception - Cutco's Piece of Truth! (3)

Now that you know a bit about the history of Cutco, I can tell you that Cutco knives are a scam.

(Video) Cutco Knives Are A RIPOFF!!!


Think about it…

Not coincidentally, the third year of the Cold War also saw the founding of a company that makes scissors so powerful they cut dimes.

And it goes without saying that Cutco is a covert US arms supplier and manufacturer of small arms once used by Cold War spies.

They never bothered with students or independent vendors. Neither then nor now!

The Cold War is over, of course, but a secret agent's need for a knife sticking out of his sleeve or a blade sticking out of his alligator boot is still very real.

And if you're thinking this sounds like a story straight out of one of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels... well, that's because it's a far-fetched story that can only be a made-up story...

…. What is clear

Sorry, I'm just having a little fun. I couldn't resist... 😀

To be absolutely clear... NO, Cutco is NOT a scam.

Reviews aren't the most exciting pieces of literature, so every once in a while I like to add a little color to brighten them up... I hope you don't mind.

The penny cut though... that part is absolutely true.

So... Cutco is NOT a Cold War weapons manufacturer (well... as far as we know).😀

Jokes aside, when it comes to the Cutco Knives scam, there is a lot to debate.

First of all (and to clarify again), as I'm sure you can see, Cutco Knives (theLook for) is not a scam. Neither is vector marketing. Both have been there for many years.

However... some people struggle with their predatory sales and recruiting practices, which is why Cutco is often called a scam (NOTE: Being called a scam is not the same as being a scam, of course).

This leads us to a discussion of deception and intent.

The Vector Marketing Interview

While Cutco's marketing and operations department are not frauds (meaning they make, sell, and deliver a quality product and pay their employees, vendors, and taxes), their sales and hiring practices have been called into question. Ask.

Merriam Websterdefine a jokeanda fraudulent or deceptive act or transaction.Defined by Wikipediaa fake like one"confidence trick"oan attempt to deceive a person or group after gaining their trust.

When a Vector Marketing "receptionist" calls you to recruit you as a Cutco sales representative, they do so in a manner designed to win your trust and sell you an opportunity that some may find deceptive.

(Video) Cutco: The MLM Selling Knives and Lies

Vector employs telemarketers (also known as recruiters) to get interviews. The official title they use is “Receptionist” and there are different levels (Receptionist, VIP Receptionist, Elite Receptionist).

The receptionist uses a carefully crafted script to win his trust. (It should be noted here that the use of deroad mapin sales is common in most sales jobs, from real estate to auto sales to retail to fast food... "Would you like fries with that?")

Is Cutco Knives a scam? The Edge of Deception - Cutco's Piece of Truth! (4)

Even the process of contacting you by phone is a real procedure that they"3x a day is the way of the champion."

o3Xmeans to call you3 times a day…in the morning, in the afternoon and before leaving the office at the end of the day.

They will also be instructed to call you twice in a row and when you pick you up the second time, a recruiter (receptionist) will work from a script...

"Hey, thanks for the reply! I know it's a little weird that I called you twice... we were really busy here and I wanted to MAKE SURE I could get back to you right away because (for example, you filled out an online form... ) or else I would never have been able to talk to you.

Is Cutco Knives a scam? The Edge of Deception - Cutco's Piece of Truth! (5)

Once you are contacted by phone, a relationship building strategy is used. It begins with a friendly chat that leads to

"Oh, I just got off the phone with someone who...
– He also has a part-time job.
– also lives near you.
– also goes to your school, etc.”

The goal is to create common ground. To further gain your trust, they look for a connection point by mentioning their friend.

"You were recommended by [friend]."

And if you have no idea who this "friend" is, go back to the script. This time there are even laughs.

"(Laughs) Oh, [the so-called friend] might have been on the phone and recommend someone they thought might want to make some extra money. Maybe you met her at a party..."

As the conversation progresses and you ask questions, he (the recruiter) will tell you that he's just a receptionist and for any questions you have, the "canned answer" is."My manager is the best person to answer this question"o"I know my manager will address this in the interview"o"Something delicate like this should definitely be discussed with a manager."

It's all part of a carefully orchestrated piece to keep the "engine" running. The "engine" in this case is a steady supply of recruits and executives, which of course they need because most people drop out (if they show up for training at all).

And… with each new prospect comes the opportunity to sell more cutlery, knives, logs, kitchen shears, etc. (to the family and friends of the new recruit).

the script never ends

Your journey started with the script, and as you move into the second and third interviews (better known as introductions), the script continues.

I sold insurance for a short time about 15 years ago and I can natural as the conversation seems, everything is planned down to the smallest detail. In my case, selling insurance was…everything was written and had to be done on video before we would get approval to go into the field.

If you stick with it and become a Cutco sales representative, you'll learn it in your training. When it comes to recruiting and selling Cutco, they are down to a science.

You present from a script, get your notes right, ask specific questions to get a desired response, and memorize canned responses to handle objections.

Whether or not you think this is a mistake is up to you. One thing is not... is sincere.

But the truth is...if we call this a scam, we would also have to call every car dealership a scam, every insurance agent a scam, every real estate agency a scam, and so on... Because they all use a hyphen. And they all use tricks to gain your trust.


Maybe it's the worst of capitalism (or the best, depending on your vision of capitalism). But how often does advertising tell the truth? EITHERrealHamburgerit never looks like the picture.

And... Budweiser won't get you the partner of your dreams (if you get the partner of your dreams, it's YOU, not the beer).

Is Cutco Knives a scam? The Edge of Deception - Cutco's Piece of Truth! (6)

Sales and marketing always walk a fine line between truth and deception. Even if it's subtle or joking.

Whether Cutco Knives and Vector Marketing is a scam is up to you. I personally don't think so, but I also can't speak for all recruiters (or Cutco). Some overly aggressive recruiters can easily fall into fraudulent territory with false claims or promises.

I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it is possible. At least you know the game they're playing.

As mentioned above, if it's a game you don't want to play, you can make money by doing simple things online like:investigawith pages You can also earn money by visiting websites, watching videos and searching the internet.inbox dollars.

Again, surveys don't pay as much as sales, but they're a good place to start if you're looking to make money online.

For a higher salary at home, the right thing to do is to use the internet to multiply your time and effort in a way that direct selling can' needto get someyou want to.

Cutco Blade Offset

start aa single levelAs a direct seller, the compensation structure for a Cutco sales representative is quite simple.

Unlike most MLM and direct selling companies... Cutco offers a guaranteed salary of around $12.50 to $17.50 per consult (depending on location). Notice what I saidafter consulting. Although each consultation (or presentation) takes about an hour, this fee is not equal to the hourly wage.

In fact, when you factor in the demo props needed, the fuel to drive there, parking if necessary, and your timeformiVonConsultations... Your hourly rate is approximately half (or less) of your consultation rate.

However... that's more than most direct selling companies offer, which is usually a big ZERO.

In addition to your guaranteed salary, you earn commissions on your sales.

  • $0 - $1,000 (sales) = 10% (commission)
  • 1.001 $ - 4.000 $ = 15%
  • 4.001 $ - 7.500 $ = 20%
  • 7.501 $ - 12.000 $ = 25%
  • $12.000 - $24.000 = 30%
  • $24,000 more = 30% + (the "+" is not specified)

To receive payment you must send acompleted qualified submission reporteach week to your office manager for follow-up purposes.

Also, I should mention that you are required to sign a standardCommercial Agency Contract, and take a deposit ($200) for your demo knife.

Earn money selling Cutco knives

Cutco has a high employee turnover rate. One reason is that they aggressively recruit people who weren't even looking for a sales job. People,85% college-age, apply reluctantly. And as soon as they realize what they've gotten themselves into, they feel buyer's remorse.

Another reason is that people just don't like to sell. They are particularly reluctant to sell to family and friends, which Cutco recommends.

The opportunity sounds great, so naturally they get excited and fantasize about the freedom and income potential. But they quickly lose interest when they realize that it is much more difficult than it seems.

Sales, especially home sales, are not easy. It requires a unique personality, unusual energy, and the ability to handle regular doses of rejection.

While some people are good at it and will surely make money selling Cutco cutlery, most are not.

True, hard work can change everything, but as someone who has worked in B2B for over 10 years(from company to company)Sales and more sales of Amway and insurance... I feel compelled to say, "Don't beat yourself up if the sales aren't for you."

(Video) Is Vector Marketing/Cutco a SCAM? My 3-Year Experience Storytime

Seriously... I spent many years feeling guilty and miserable for refusing to accept that I hatedmy career as a sales representative. I managed to sell my life, but it was actually a distraction that made me extremely unhappy, took me away from the career I really wanted, and even ruined some relationships.

I'm not saying that this is your experience, but if you think that selling is not for you... it's not a big deal. Take what you can learn from him and move on.

Don't you like to sell?Check itnumber one recommendedprogram to earn money online.

What I like about Cutco cutlery

  • The Cutco brand is known for its high quality. As a consumer and seller, this is extremely important. Half the sales battle is won simply by having a solid product to sell.
  • SesaleIt's up to you, the guaranteed salary (by commitment) is more than what you'll get from most (if not all) other direct selling companies. It's not a lot of money, but it's something... and it'll cover some of your expenses.
  • Whether you like to sell or not, whether you make money selling Cutco or not...everyone can benefit from the sales training provided. You may have never had a career as a product salesperson, but throughout your life you've always been selling yourself, whether it's a job interview, an important client, or your boyfriend's parents. When you have a decent set of interpersonal skills, your life becomes a lot easier.
  • Aggressive and deceptive recruiting tactics. Of course, each manager is responsible for the culture in his own industry, and some will be more honest than others. Some may even be more sincere and helpful. But Vector Marketing has a good reputation and if you've been recruited by them, make sure you go in with your eyes wide open.
  • It is a limited opportunity because it is not suitable for most people. And as Cutco and Vector Marketing know, the recruiting process and lead generation strategy has become a rotation system. It's a numbers game and you, your friends and family are just numbers in my opinion.
  • While you are entitled to some tax deductions, unlike an actual sales job, there are no refunds for your vehicle, insurance, meals, cell phone, etc.
  • Cutco knives are expensive. They are impressive, especially when compared to a typical family knife set that is never sharpened. But honestly, who needs a steak knife that cuts through leather? Who needs scissors to cut coins? They can last for years, but really...for most people, I'm not sure Cutco will solve a problem that a $15 knife sharpener can't.

where do you go from here

you need onecaroKitchen knife set Your friends or family need onecaroKitchen Knife Set Maybe yes, I'm certainly not in a position to judge.(Update:In one of the comments below, Dusty mentions that Cutco knives are great for anyone who has difficulty cutting due to a medical condition like a muscle condition. Someone with an injury or arthritis, for example, would also benefit)

However, in most cases I think the answer is no (it's not necessary, I mean).

Most people don't "need" expensive kitchen knives. It would be nice if they left.

Therefore, it is not a product that sells itself (despite what they say). Making decent money to sell Cutco requires some aggressive tactics and a lot of compromises. You'll be chasing leads, making lots of calls, driving to lots of different houses (or taking an Uber), and talking to lots of people.

One of the main advantages of selling Cutco Knives is that you don't have to defend the product. It may not sell itself, but the quality speaks for itself and if you like person to person's a product to be proud of.

There's no way to avoid it. Selling is all about numbers and for the right person, it's a great career. Some people are also very helpful and ethical when it comes to selling.

However, selling is hard work, which is why many are now automating the process online. For those of you who don't like to sell person to person, is it possible to sell anything online... sit back and do all the work for you?

Okay, maybe "sit down" isn't exactly right because it takes time to even get to that point. But there's no doubt that the Internet allows you to leverage and multiply your efforts in ways that selling in person cannot.

In no way do I want to stop you from selling the Cutco. If you think it's a job for you, it's worth a try (and a great learning experience).

However, I will suggest (having spent many years in sales) that there are simpler (andsomeYou can sayfurtherlegitimate) ways to earn extra money in my opinion. From a part-time job to babysitting, mowing the lawn, and as mentioned above, startingYour own business online.

Cutco knives can begood business,but vector marketing is the one that can stab you in the back (not literally of course, just my attempt at a clever pun) 😀

The truth is, if you're not sure about selling, you won't know unless you try.

If you already know that you are not your thing and you just want to spend some extra money, you can do it onlineinvestigawith pages You can also earn money by watching videos, searching the internet and visiting websites.inbox dollars.

Of course, surveys won't make you rich, so what if you still want to make decent money without becoming a salesperson or recruiting others?

As mentioned above, you have options.

If you want to be your own boss and not mess with the BS, creating a full time income online is what you need to get what you want.

My best option to earn money online

Getting a job, even selling Cutco knives, is a step in the right direction. There is a lot they can teach you. However, they cannot provide financial freedom. To truly build multiple streams of passive income, online marketing is the undisputed king.

find onelegitimate systemHowever, with all the scams out there, it can be painful. I have spent many months trying different training programs and my number one recommendation isrich partner.

I hope mineCutco Messer on testit was helpful If you have any comments, questions, or personal experiences with Cutco that make you believe it's a scam (or not), please share it in the comments section below.

(Video) Are KAMIKOTO knives a SCAM?



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