Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (2023)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (1)

Hello! Welcome to myCutco Qualification!(Updated 2022)

I'm sure you've come across Cutco before. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this right now, would you? EITHERCutco Corporationoffers a wide range of cutlery and accessories and kitchen utensils.

Surely you have seen some of their advertisements and posters, right? It seems they claim to have very sharp tools.

However, you probably want some answers to one of the most frequently asked questions on the subject: "Is Cutco a pyramid scheme??”. Or more clearly:"Is the Cutco a scam?".

Well today could be your lucky day my friend because I have written this unbiased review for you. So sit down and look for answers.

CUTCO is a pyramid scheme: brief summary

Name: Cutco



Products:cutlery and kitchen utensils

CEO:James M Stitt

timing arm:Marketing vectorial

Sales strategy:Direct marketing

Assessment: 1/5


Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (2)

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CUTCO is a pyramid scheme: brief summary

What is Cutco?

CUTCO is a Pyramid Scheme: Top Selling Products

What is vector marketing?

How does Vector Marketing recruit?

(Video) Cutco: The MLM Selling Knives and Lies

How to earn money in Cutco?

CUTCO is a pyramid scheme: spending

CUTCO is a pyramid scheme: compensation structure

Cutco y Vector Marketing Banderas rojas

CUTCO is a Pyramid Scheme: Customer Reviews

Is Cutco a pyramid scheme?

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What is Cutco?

Cutco Corporation, formerly known as Alcas Corporation (after its two founders, Alcoa and Case Cutlery),is a company and manufacturer of cutlery and accessories and kitchen utensils, mainly cutlery. Founded in 1949 and a long time ago.

He practices a direct sales strategy and the company responsible for sales is Vector Marketing.

To be honest, Cutco is not the one who should be on the bench.Marketing vectorialshould be. But we'll get to that later. proceed.

CUTCO is a Pyramid Scheme: Top Selling Products

Wardrobe ($73)

According to them, this knife has been a favorite of their customers for 40 years.

This is the company's version of a knife.

The product features a double D edge which they claim is much better than straight edge knives as it can cut smoothly.

In addition, it has a very comfortable ergonomic handle for any user. Learn more about itHere.

Vegetable peeler ($42)

When it comes to preparing dishes, a peeler often comes in handy.

The Cutco vegetable peeler is not just limited to vegetables, it can also be used to peel fruits, cheeses and chocolates thanks to its super sharp double-sided blade.

It also has a unique feature which is the "eye remover". Don't worry. It is not for drawing human eyes.

We are talking about eyes made of potatoes. Poor potatoes.

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (3)

7 - ⅝" Little Chef ($136)

This is the smaller version of Cutco9 ¼ inch french chef. It has a sharp and well-made straight edge, which can cut fruits and vegetables smoothly. Like the other Cutco products, this knife has a perfect full tang handle to ensure greater strength and balance after use.

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (4)

Cutco made many cutlery and kitchen accessories, as well as garden tools. The positive customer reviews are proof of this. Below are some of the customer reviews.

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (5)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (6)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (7)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (8)

(Video) My terrible experience with Vector Marketing/Cutco Knives

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (9)

In the midst of all these great positive reviews about Cutco products, some people would disagree. They say Cutco has an inferior temper and they don't use the best steel like they say. If you want to know more about it, clickHere.Also, below is a video showing how Cutco makes their chef knives.

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What is vector marketing?

But enough about Cutco.

Let's get to the exciting part where you can find your answers.

Vector Marketing is a multi-level marketing company that handles sales for Cutco Corporation.

His focus is direct selling, primarily newspaper advertising, billboards, word of mouth and various online media.

How does Vector Marketing recruit?

Vector Marketing is known for recruiting college students to sell their products. This led to many lawsuits against Vector Marketing, which we will talk about later.

Based on my research on Cutco and Vector Marketing, there are 2 cases where Vector Marketing is recruiting students to sell Cutco products, shown below:


Vector's telemarketers call and recruit him as one of their sales representatives.

They try to give you confidence by talking. And when they do, 90% of the time, you are likely to fall for their trap.

Also, they will try to call you three times a day, hence their line: "3x a day is the way of the champion"refers to the 3 times they will call you in a day.

Also, what makes this a bit iffy is the script they use when they call you a second time. Usually around the lines of...

"Hey, thanks for picking me up! I know it's a little weird that I called you twice...we've been really busy here and I wanted to make sure I got back to you right away because (for example, you filled out an online form...) or else I would never have contacted you."

As soon as they start a conversation with you, they will start bonding with you. Normally they would say the lines...

"Oh, I just got off the phone with someone who...

- He has a part-time job.

- He lives near you.

-goes to your school, etc."

"You were recommended by [friend]."

Then you'll wonder and probably tell them that you don't even know the "friend" they're talking about.

But like I said, these recruiters use a well-crafted script.

If you ask any more questions, tell them they are receptionists and they will refer you to the manager for your concerns and answers.

I don't know about you, but this is so suspicious and kind of scary.

announcement posts

Vector Marketing posts advertisements and posters in schools and universities, usually on a bulletin board, to attract and recruit students. Because of this, Cutco is often seen as a partner to these institutions.

How to earn money in Cutco?

At some point in your life, when you came across those ads and calls, you probably thought to give it a try. But you're wondering how Cutco makes money.

Basically, Cutco only hires you to sell their products directly. First, you are encouraged to visit family and friends, and then demo the products, which may lead to a purchase.


If you want to stop working for them, you must write a resignation letter with all your personal information. After that, you should send it to your manager and another copy to Human Resources.

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CUTCO is a pyramid scheme: spending

The good thing is that with Cutco you don't have to pay a membership fee. However, you must complete Vector Marketing training before becoming a sales representative.

Training is about teaching you how to be a better salesperson and how to promote your products. You can then borrow a sample of the product to use in your demo. You can also borrow other products as long as you return them when you no longer need them.

Also, if you want to keep your membership status active, you need to sell $100 worth of products each month. Otherwise, you will have to return the demo products on loan. On the other hand, you can buy these demo products for $75.

However, you will still need to consider other expenses, such as travel and equipment costs. These can add up and be expensive.

CUTCO is a pyramid scheme: compensation structure

During my research, I came across a review that discussed the compensation structure ofCutco/Vectormarketing.

You win $12.50 to $17.50 by appointment. It is when you meet or go to a house to promote and demonstrate the products. Consultations usually last an hour.

In addition, you earn commissions for your sales.

  • 10% (commission) = $0 - $1,000 (sales)
  • 15 % = 1001 $ - 3000 $
  • 20 % = 3001 $ - 6000 $
  • 25 % = 6001 $ - 10 000 $
  • 30 % = 10 001 $ - 20 000 $
  • 5% (Bono) + 30% = $20,001 - $30,000
  • 10% (Bono) + 30% = $30,001 - $50,000
  • 15% (Bono) + 30% = $50,001 - $150,000
  • 20% (Bono) + 30% = 150,001 $+

To receive payment, a submission report must be approved each week. You must also sign an agreement and pay a $200 deposit for knife demonstrations.

Cutco y Vector Marketing Banderas rojas

I had many complaints

Vector Marketing has faced many challenges over the years.Complain,similar to MLM company,herbalife.

In 1996, the Washington Post conducted a survey of 940 Vector recruits. Most of them reported that they didn't even make any money and that they lost more than they made.

Because of this, Vector was ordered by the state of Wisconsin to stop providing false information to students.

Also, Vector Marketing was the reason why a group of students formed the group calledSAVE (students against vector exploitation).

Wow. Vector Marketing was in a very difficult position before.

suspicious recruitment

Suspicious recruitment method. Like what we discussed above. They call you and use a script and many times they say things that a friend recommended to you, even if you don't know what name they gave you. So they try to fraudulently recruit you.

Very expensive

Cutco's products are too expensive to sell. That is why it will be so difficult for these students to make sales.

Most people want to be practical and prefer to stick with the cheaper knives.

Let me reiterate that recruits are required to post a $200 bond. And other expenses for you to make sales and market your products are also not covered by the company.

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Too good to be true

If something is too good to be true, chances are it is too good to be true. Vector Marketing says a lot of good things on its posters and advertisements and attracts students.

disrespectful management

Many customers complain about how disrespectful the staff is. Here are some of the Cutco team's customer reviews and other negative reviews.

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (10)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (11)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (12)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (13)

CUTCO is a Pyramid Scheme: Customer Reviews

So how does Cutco stack up when it comes to customer reviews? Well, as of December 2020 it is theBBBgives them an “A+” rating. However, they only have a rating of 2.52 out of 5, based on 33 reviews (as of 12/20/20):

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (14)

The best of Cutco and Vector Marketing

amazing management

However, some people have shared their positive reviews of Cutco and Vector Marketing, saying that the management is amazing. In addition, they offer training for employees, mainly in the demonstrative part. Here are some reviews from Cutco employees and customers.

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (15)

(Video) MLM/ Cutco Vector Marketing “Training”

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (16)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (17)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (18)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (19)

opportunity to earn money

I am not going to deny that you can make money with Cutco.

But it becomes more difficult in the long run as you have to find more customers to sell to after going through your family and friends. If you're not the direct selling type, this is not for you.

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#3 Great BBB Ratings

While Cutco and Vector Marketing may not have the best customer ratings on the BBB, they still have an "A+" BBB rating.

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (20)

Is CUTCO a pyramid scheme? (2022) Simple Truth Debunked | (21)

Is Cutco a pyramid scheme?

Cutco is not a pyramid scheme. They offer real products and you don't even need to refer or build a downline and earn commission from them.

There is no doubt that their products are great. Well made, super handy and very sharp.

As with most reviews, people have no issues with the products. The only iffy thing is how iffy your sales strategy is. Vector marketing has been around for a long time.

They even had prior lawsuits regarding the treatment of former employees.

Sometimes they call you randomly and talk to you in a way that gives you confidence.

If you want to buy knives, why not? Your products are good. However, if we're being practical, who needs $45 knives?

If you can find one that is much cheaper. Also, do you really need scissors that can cut coins? I mean, why would you save a few pennies? ha ha ha

If you like sales jobs, Cutco might be for you. Requires direct sale.

They encourage you to sell door to door to your family and friends.

The pay may be good at first, but it gets a lot more difficult in the long run. If you don't like direct marketing and sales, I don't recommend this. you deserve thatEarn money with your passion.

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(Video) Cutco Knives Are A RIPOFF!!!

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Is Cutco Vector Marketing a pyramid scheme? ›

Vector claims they are a single-level direct selling marketing company, not a multi-level marketing company, and they are not a pyramid scheme as its detractors claim.

Has Cutco been sued? ›

Cutco Allegations and Lawsuits

In 1990 the state of Wisconsin ordered the company to stop their deceptive recruiting practices. In 2008 the company faced a class action lawsuit for not paying minimum wages to their sales representatives, a case which was settled in 2011 for 13 million dollars.

Is Cutco a real job? ›

Your job is basically to make phonecalls, present cutco cutlery to someone over ZOOM, and help process customers orders. Even if you don't sell Cutco, you make money from presenting the product. It's pretty simple if you have a lot of family members and parents of friends. If you don't, well, tough luck.

How much commission do Cutco reps make? ›

It Would Take a Lot of Work to Make Real Money With Cutco

If you're selling less than $1,000 of products, you'll make a 10% commission (so, no more than $100). You'd have to sell over $24,000 products to start making a commission of 30% or more. Now let's talk about that hourly wage.

Is Vector Marketing a real job? ›

Short answer - Vector Marketing is 100% legitimate. Go through training, work there (even for a short period of time), and you'll see for yourself. Long answer - Here's my experience, having worked at Vector Marketing (the sales arm of CUTCO cutlery) for 15 years.

How do I quit Cutco? ›

Let them know that you've decided to leave and provide a reason if you feel comfortable doing so. Provide notice: Depending on company policy, you may be expected to provide a certain amount of notice before quitting. Typically, two weeks' notice is standard, but you should confirm with y.


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