Enjoy the beach all summer with The Lagoon Mani - The List (2023)

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Enjoy the beach all summer with The Lagoon Mani - The List (1)


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We have just over a month left until the start of summer. So if you dream of lying on the beach or splashing in the pool during working hours, you are not alone. But before you start planning your swimwear look, you might want to consider your next gorgeous manicure: the lagoon mani. We know there will beNail polish colors that are always trendy, like navy blue, but what gives them a unique personality are the designs you choose for them. So instead of focusing on oneMagenta manicure to brighten your moodBe inspired by the color of the sea at your favorite beach.

The sea surface can appear in different shades of blue, from aquamarine to turquoise. This makes it a good source of inspiration for your summer nails, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun. If you're ready to dip your toes into the holiday-ready lagoon mania, there are plenty of beautiful painting jobs to draw inspiration from.

The deep blue seams where butterflies come to visit

Ombré nails are certainly nothing new, but it seems like there are countless ways to wear them. For the nail set above, the gradation is paired with iridescent butterflies encased on each nail. This shade of blue is reminiscent of one of the shades of the Pacific Ocean. The fading ombré makes the butterflies sparkle, which is also reminiscent of a warm summer night. Granted, butterflies aren't usually associated with marine life, but this set shows that you can honor them and give your nails your own personality.

Wear nails that mimic sunlight on the surface of the sea

Although the nail technician created the above nails for Christmas, they work as a manicure to celebrate the summer solstice. Celebrated as the first day of summer in June, the summer solstice promises outdoor activities like water sports and nails that exude a bit of carefree, sparkling energy. This manicure has encased glitter that mimics the way the surface of the sea seems to sparkle when the sun shines.

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Go surfing with this shiny crocodile-patterned manicure

Enjoy the beach all summer with The Lagoon Mani - The List (3)


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Shiny nails are irresistible in combination with the popular crocodile pattern. This shows that you don't need to wear acrylic tips for a stylish manicure. The reason this short and sweet manicure works so well is because the crocodile print adds dimension to any nail. Due to its nature, the lines do not have to be 100% symmetrical. And this particular color combination definitely looks oceanic, so the shades combine with the aquatic animal pattern to create a perfect lagoon manicure.

A light palm manicure, just for the holidays

Palm trees near the beach give a typical summer holiday atmosphere, which is why this set is worth taking screenshots of. The sky blue and peach nail colors create a sandy beach backdrop for the hand drawn palm trees to dazzle anyone who happens to notice your nails. Also, the white lines painted near the "sand" mimic how the waves appear to calm down on the shallow seashore. Granted, it may take your nail technician time to draw each palm tree, but the end result of this manicure will be worth the wait.

Relax by the pool with 3D pearls and blue swirls

This set reminds us of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode where SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally come across a precious pearl. At first glance, this manicure seems simple, as it does not have any complicated design, but the placement of each pearl makes this manicure more eye-catching. Pearls are precious stones found deep in the ocean thanks to oysters. So by adding them to your manicure you can walk around with the jewels of the sea on your nails. That's why it's worth sharing this lagoon craze with your nail technician.

Pay homage to life in the sea with these marine-inspired nails

These acrylic nails go one step further and are a real eye-catcher. Although the blue nail polish used is not flashy, the royal blue rhinestones add a rich color that will grab your attention. Unlike the hand-drawn palm manicure, this acrylic set uses textured balls that also appear to be encased.

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The cool thing about the ring finger design is that it has a pair of transparent jellyfish that look like they're leaving bubble trails in the water. The gold star also matches the overall theme of the nails. They add the right amount of boldness to the manicure without spoiling the look.

The dreamy sky blue nails that make you float

Aside from the light blue nail polish that serves as the base for this manicure, it's not really inspired by an ocean or a pool. However, it paints a picture of what a beautiful summer sky can look like. Clear skies are always welcome and appreciated when relaxing at the beach or pool, but days when you can see blue skies and white fluffy clouds are also noteworthy. This manicure has one purpose: to remind you to slow down and look at nature's ceiling while you're outside.

When sea life meets your summer manicure

This manicure takes lagoon mania and really brings it to life. From drawings of the marine life to the replica waves, it's a sight to behold. We love the personal touch the manicure added to the turtle going to the beach on her index finger and the patterns on her carapace. It's just one example of how these nails really live up to the idea of ​​a lagoon craze. Plus, your nail's natural color can show through to create a more realistic gritty version.

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Get some underwater love with this sparkling manicure

There are times when hand-drawn artwork, rhinestones and encased baubles just aren't interesting enough. Maybe you prefer something smart without worrying about your nails getting caught on your favorite shirt. If so, this manicure will give you what you're looking for and more.

The different sizes of the encased glitter create a mismatched ombre effect that mimics the crystals in the sand. Even better, this manicure looks like the surface of a swimming pool as the sun reflects off it on a hot, humid day.

Simple blue gel nails by the pool for swimming days

The previous manicure might have required a visit to a nail salon, but not this one. Jelly Nails are a simple but purposeful way to evoke the summer sea.

If you don't want to wear acrylic nails or don't have blue gel nail polish, you can make your own version of gel nail polish at home. All you have to do is mix a drop or two of your favorite blue nail polish with clear nail polish (one you love to use) and voila! When you start painting your nails, you create the transparency that gives gel nails their name.


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