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If you want a fantastic quality diamond, you can't go wrong with a VVS1 clarity diamond.

But what are these terms that we throw around? Plumbing 1? Brightness? Terms like these can anger the inexperienced diamond buyer because they seem complicated. The truth is quite different, and understanding what these terms mean can help you ensure that you are getting value for money when purchasing a diamond.

Today we cover everything you need to know about VVS1 diamonds.

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  • What is a VVS1 clarity diamond?
  • Why should you choose a VVS1 clarity diamond?
  • The price for a VVS1 Clarity Diamond
  • Should you buy a VVS1 Clarity Diamond?
  • How to choose a VVS1 clarity diamond
  • VVS1 clarity diamonds: our recommendations

What is a VVS1 clarity diamond?

The VVS1 rating for a diamond refers to that diamond's specific clarity. Clarity itself refers to the appearance of a diamond, ie. how "clean" it is on the inside. As diamonds form over millions of years, they can develop internal flaws calledstains and inclusions.

Don't worry, these are all natural and you'll be surprised how many diamonds they have. They are naturally occurring features, many of which are imperceptible to the human eye. Now, VVS1 is a grade that is at the top end of the clarity scale, meaning the diamond is of high quality. This diamond clarity scale is determined byGemological Institute of America (GIA), where eleven characters are divided into six categories, which you can see in detail in the table below.

A VVS1 Clarity Diamond Buying Guide at YourDiamondGuru (1)

This diamond clarity chart is somewhat misleading. The charts only show the location of the inclusions, NOT how bad they are. That's why you needa diamond guru to help you.

VVS1 is insidethere Sanitary category, one of the highest rated on the entire scale. Diamonds are evaluated through a series of examinations, both under 10x magnification and through the eyes of experienced diamond experts. While darkfield lighting is used to reveal the diamond's specific characteristics, high-intensity overhead lighting helps the viewer see any inclusions in or on the surface of the stone.

Only special lighting, equipment and image processing, such asAngle spectrum evaluation tool, ofImages in the ideal area, will be able to reveal the true clarity of a diamond. The human eye is of course a great tool, but there are only a few small details that a diamond can contain that are only visible under magnification.

VVS1 diamonds are eye clean, meaning that any inclusions they contain are not visible to the naked eye.

The price for a VVS1 Clarity Diamond

A good example of a wide range of VS1 Clarity Diamonds and their relative prices can be found hereWhiteflash's round loose diamondsand use the built-in sliders to browse different series of VS1 diamonds and see what affects the price the most.Click here to get started. I would also recommend trying itJames Allenlike.

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Our best advice when it comes to price for a potential diamond buyer? Always stay within a budget that is comfortable for you.

Should you buy a VVS1 clarity diamond?

The general answer to this question is complex - it will be influenced by your taste, your budget and the quality of the research. But our short answer is, why not buy a VVS1 diamond?

They are among the cleanest diamonds on the market today and do not command the high price of flawless diamonds. The most important factor in the purchase decision is finding an eye-clean diamond -like these, For example.

For a great diamond, eye clarity is essential. Fortunately, due to their general level of clarity, VVS1 diamonds are always eye-cleaning.Therefore, you can consider other characteristics of your diamond as an overall determinant.

If a bunch of VVS1 diamonds you're looking at are pure eyesores, you might not know which one to choose. Always choose the cut as the influencing factor at this point. In general, it is mainly the cut that determines the light output of a diamond.

How to choose a VVS1 clarity diamond

We've talked about clarity and cut - but what do they actually refer to and what impact should they have on what you buy?

You usually decide the choice of a diamond yourselfthe four Cs; carat, cut, clarity and color. Speaking of VVS1 Clarity Diamonds, the C is already set. However, don't forget to weigh the others:


When it comes to diamondscutis the most important factor in determining quality, as it actually has the greatest impact on the overall quality and light output of the diamond.

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A cut diamond is essentially an object that contains a series of small mirrors, each of which collects and reflects light in multiple directions. For the best light output, a diamond must be cut with absolute precision, resulting in better light output. The American Gem Society offers a diamond cut grading scale:

  • 0 – Ideal
  • 1 - Excellent
  • 2 - Very good
  • 3, 4 - intestine
  • 5, 6, 7 - Fair
  • 8, 9, 10 - Bad

More information on diamond cutting can be found on ourDiamond Cut Education Site.


While the standard for a brilliant diamond is generally colorless,Coloris really a subjective quality of a diamond. Many dealers and buyers want colorless diamonds, while others are interested in colored diamonds.

For example, if a diamond has a very saturated yellow color, it is referred to as either a "beautiful yellow diamond" or a "Canary Island diamond", which is popular in some circles.

If you are looking for a VVS1 colorless clarity diamond, choose a diamond that is in the colorless "D-F" bracket.


For the uninitiated,Karatrepresents the weight of the diamond. Generally, the higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond, as higher carat diamonds are rarer than their smaller counterparts.

One carat of diamonds sets the industry standard and is the most popular weight. Many dealers only allow you to search for diamonds by weight, and many dealers report their weight to three decimal places.

But like color, a diamond's carat weight is subjective.

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Examples of fantastic VVS1 diamonds

If you are looking for the highest quality diamonds, thenWhiteflash er A CUT ABOVE®is among the very best. Check out these examples to find out why.

0.808 ct E VVS1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond

A VVS1 Clarity Diamond Buying Guide at YourDiamondGuru (2)

OfDiamond with clarity VVS1has a fine weight of 0.808 carats and is AGS certified, which means it is among the best of the best. With color grade E and the ideal cut, this diamond is the perfect choice for those who want to go for something spectacular. The cut gives it an intricate, charming and complex luminosity rarely found in other diamonds.

Another possibility is this1.01 carat round diamond H color vvs1 claritywith excellent proportions and a diamond grading report from the GIA:

A VVS1 Clarity Diamond Buying Guide at YourDiamondGuru (3)

VVS1 clarity diamonds: our latest recommendations

VVS1 diamonds are always the right investment in a jewel. They are naturally eye clean and provide the most brilliant shine when produced with the ideal grinding parameters. They also look like flawless diamonds but cost much less.

If you're looking for a truly stunning diamond, a VVS1 could be the diamond for you.

Try itAstor range from Blue NileofTrue Hearts by James Allen, every great diamond has its own merits, but when it comes to cut quality, you should consider the best of the bestEN CUT ABOVE®-serieudWhite flashes.

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Are VVS1 diamonds worth it? ›

At the top of the scale, though not quite the very top, are VVS1 (very very slightly included) diamonds. These are considered to have excellent clarity, and carry a price tag that matches their rarity. When it comes to buying a diamond, cut is probably the most important of the four Cs.

How much is a VVS1 worth? ›

The VVS1 diamond price ranges from $1,136 for a well-cut 0.50 Carat diamond like this one from Blue Nile to $17,132 for a 1.9 carat diamond and higher. Like any diamond, the price of a VVS diamond depends on the cut, color, shape and carat weight. The “VVS1” designation just refers to the clarity grade.

How much is a VVS1 diamond per carat? ›

1 carat Diamond Price Table
2 more rows

Is VVS1 worth it over VVS2? ›

VVS1 and VVS2 both have excellent clarity, and you won't really be able to tell the difference when you look at the two. In a VVS1 diamond, the inclusions are so tiny you can't even see them at 10x magnification. In a VVS2 the inclusions are still very tiny, but you can begin to see them at that magnification.

Which is better VS1 or VVS1? ›

Is VS1 or VVS1 better? VVS1 diamonds have fewer inclusions than VS1 diamonds, so they are more transparent, aka more valuable. That extra “v” stands for another very, literally as in Very Very Slightly Included. Bottom line: this level of diamond clarity is even more eye-clean than a VS1 diamond.

What is better than VVS1? ›

GIA Clarity Scale (Best to Worst):

Internally Flawless (IF) Very Very Slightly Included 1 (VVS1) Very Very Slightly Included 2 (VVS2) Very Slightly Included 1 (VS1) Very Slightly Included 2 (VS2)

What grade is a VVS1 diamond? ›

Diamonds that have a minor inclusion visible under 10x magnification are graded “Very Very Slightly Included,” or VVS1 diamonds. Diamonds that are graded VVS1 have a minute inclusion or two that range from extremely difficult to very difficult to see for a skilled grader using 10x magnification.

Is VVS1 real diamonds? ›

First things first, are VVS diamonds real? Yes! VVS diamonds are natural and valuable. Meanwhile, VVS is a clarity grade that means “very very slightly included.” This type of diamond appears flawless, although it contains some microscopic defects.

What is the best grade diamond? ›

Flawless is the top grade in the GIA Clarity Grading System. Diamonds graded Flawless don't have visible inclusions or blemishes when examined under 10-power (10X) magnification by a skilled and experienced grader. As clarity increases, and if all other value factors are equal, diamond price per carat also increases.

What does VVS1 mean in moissanite? ›

VVS diamonds are very, very slightly included. They have inclusions that are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye but can be seen with a magnifying glass or microscope. VVS diamonds are graded on a scale from I to SI2, where SI stands for slight inclusion, and SI1 is very slightly included.

Which is better VVS or VVS1? ›

So, to simplify, VVS1 is the highest quality of VVS diamonds and VS clarity diamonds. In fact, the only diamonds that would even rank superior are the ones without any inclusions at all (aka flawless and internally flawless)… and there are not that many perfect gems just floating around in the world!

Do VVS diamonds go up in value? ›

Yes, a VVS grade does fetch a much higher price. Two diamonds of more or less equal weight, color and cut could feature drastically different price points if one of them was graded at VVS, and the other, say, SI (Slightly Included). The reason behind this is pretty simple.

What diamond clarity should I go for? ›

The best diamond clarity grade is FL, flawless.

Is color or clarity more important? ›

Clarity is more important in shapes like emerald, princess, and asscher. Colour is important for cushion, radiant, pear and oval. Generally speaking, as long as you choose an eye-clean diamond, your diamond will still look beautiful in terms of clarity.

Is VVS1 better than VS2? ›

What are VVS1 Diamonds? VVS1 diamonds rank higher than VVS2 on the diamond clarity chart and are the closest to being an internally flawless diamond, which is incredibly rare. The inclusions found in VVS1 diamonds are not visible at all under 10x magnification.

Is an F color diamond good? ›

F color diamonds are considered colorless and are the third-best grade of colorless diamonds, making them a popular choice. They're also more economical than D and E color-grade diamonds.

Is D color good for a diamond? ›

D is the highest colorless diamond grade and the ultimate colorless gem. D color diamonds are the pinnacles of icy colorless perfection.

Do VVS diamonds shine in the dark? ›

No. VVS is a measure of clarity, not sparkle. The diamond's cut determines how it sparkles. While inclusions can impact sparkle if they obstruct the light, this really only occurs in very low clarity diamonds with very large inclusions.

Which diamond clarity shines the most? ›

Because diamonds reflect white light, colorless diamonds produce the best sparkle and fire. In fact, the more color a diamond has, the less likely it is to reflect white light. And as a result, will produce less sparkle. A D-color diamond is the highest quality, and will offer the greatest sparkle.

Should I get VS1 or VVS2? ›

Diamonds in the VVS2 range are considered the best value of the higher clarities — and it won't compromise your diamond's brilliance. VS1 grade diamonds, on the other hand, will be less expensive than the VVS2 stones.

What's more expensive VVS or VS1? ›

Both a VVS diamond and a VS diamond will have clarity features that in almost all cases cannot be seen with the naked eye. Yet, price differences between these two diamonds can be as high as 30%.

How rare is a VVS1 diamond? ›

Representing less than 1% of the world's diamonds, VVS1 clarity diamonds are a rare sight to behold. When viewed by eye, VVS1 diamonds are immaculately clean and fall just shy of the 'IF' (internally flawless) and 'FL' (flawless) grades.

What are most fake diamonds? ›

Simulated diamonds are also known as diamond simulants and include things like cubic zirconia (CZ), moissanite, and YAG. They can also include some natural clear gemstones like white sapphire, white zircon or even clear quartz.

What color of diamond is best? ›

D color diamond is the highest grade and is extremely rare—the highest color grade that money can buy. Eight percent of customers choose a D color diamond.

What is the best color grade for a diamond? ›

The highest color grade for a diamond is “D”. “D” color diamonds are very rare and not commonly found in traditional jewelry. Most diamonds used in jewelry have a slight presence of color.

What is the lowest quality diamond? ›

I3 diamond clarity represents the lowest diamond clarity grade available.

Can a jeweler tell if a diamond is moissanite? ›

There is no definite way to differentiate these jewels from one another. They are difficult to differentiate to the naked eye, and even under a jeweller's loupe. Moissanite is a true alternative to diamond offering unrivalled beauty and incredible value.

Why does moissanite shine more than a diamond? ›

Brilliance relies on the gemstone's refraction. Moissanite disperses light very well and has higher light refraction than Diamond and will appear more brilliant.

Which moissanite brand is closest to a diamond? ›

Some Moissanite brands like Charles and Colvard sell a near-colorless Moissanite that is the equivalent of a GHI color diamond. Unlike diamonds, colorless moissanite often has a yellow, grey or green tinge under certain lights that is more visible in larger stones.

Is it worth it to buy a VVS? ›

While VVS diamonds are rare compared to lower clarity grades, they're still, ultimately, not a good investment. Diamond resale prices are low, and you're unlikely to sell any white diamond for more than its sticker price.

Why is VVS so expensive? ›

VVS diamonds are very high clarity; hence they are significantly more pricey than other diamonds with lower clarity.

How do I know if my VVS is real? ›

In addition to its clarity grade, a VVS diamond must also pass through several other tests to determine its authenticity. It must have excellent symmetry and be cut to perfect proportions to maximize its brilliance. A VVS diamond should also have no visible blemishes or internal flaws when viewed under magnification.

How much do real VVS diamonds cost? ›

VVS Diamonds Guide
1 Carat
D Color
F Color
25 more rows
Feb 18, 2023

Are VVS diamonds flawless? ›

Therefore, VVS diamonds are referred to as eye-clean, meaning you are unable to see any of the inclusions or blemishes with the naked eye. On the clarity grading scale, VVS diamonds are one step away from an internally flawless (FL) diamond.

How many carats is a good diamond? ›

The range of 1.0 to 1.9 carats is by far the most popular, but there are noticeable peaks at the 0.70 – 0.79 range, the 0.90 – 0.99 range and the 1.50 – 1.59 range. It's great to see that people take our advice and go for a diamond that's slightly lighter or heavier than industry cutoff weights to get the best value.

What is the most common diamond clarity for an engagement ring? ›

In terms of clarity, the most popular range for a diamond engagement ring is the VS1-VS2 diamond. Color is also a factor to consider when thinking about clarity. For example, it will be much easier to spot imperfections in a very clear white diamond than in a yellow diamond.

Do higher clarity diamonds sparkle more? ›

You may think: the larger the diamond, the more sparkle. But in reality, diamonds with identical proportions, color and clarity have the same amount of sparkle regardless of size.

How much should he spend on engagement ring? ›

General Rule: You should spend at least 2 months salary on the engagement ring. If, for example, you are making $60,000 per year, you should spend $10,000 on the engagement ring.

Is cut the most important on a diamond? ›

Diamond cut is the single most important of the 4Cs when it comes to the physical beauty of a diamond. Why? Because a diamond's cut determines how much it sparkles. The number of facets, the angle of the facets, and the symmetry and alignment of the shape will affect how the diamond returns light.

Is size or color more important in diamonds? ›

While a whiter diamond doesn't necessarily compensate for size, it makes for a more beautiful and impressive diamond. However, differences between color grades are very slight and hard to see with the naked eye, which means you can compromise a little on color and still buy a beautiful diamond.

Do VVS diamonds hold value? ›

While VVS diamonds are rare compared to lower clarity grades, they're still, ultimately, not a good investment. Diamond resale prices are low, and you're unlikely to sell any white diamond for more than its sticker price. Although certain fancy colors may have investment value, this isn't due to clarity.

Which diamond is better VVS or VVS1? ›

The VVS grade is divided into two levels: VVS1 and VVS2, with VVS1 being the higher grade. VVS diamonds have such slight imperfections. Even with a jeweler's loupe, trained professionals are unable to see the blemishes easily. This means that VVS diamonds are always eye-clean.

Can you shower with VVS diamonds? ›

In general, it is best to avoid wearing your diamond necklace in any body of water. This includes the ocean, lakes, and even hot tubs. Saltwater and chemicals can damage your jewellery and cause it to lose its lustre.

Do VVS diamonds get cloudy? ›

The term "vivid" refers to the clarity of these stones—and VVS diamonds are among the clearest you'll find in terms of color, which makes them perfect for any occasion. The most popular variety of VVS is slightly cloudy with a medium-dark tone and almost no inclusions (small areas of imperfection).

Can lab diamonds be VVS1? ›

Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1, VVS2)

VVS grades have minute characteristics that are difficult to find at 10X magnification. VVS1 is closer to Flawless than VVS2. These lab-grown diamonds are perfect for a love that gives it all.

What does VVS mean in moissanite? ›

VVS stands for "very, very small inclusions." That means they have fewer imperfections than other diamonds (which makes them more expensive). If you're looking for a diamond engagement ring, this is the kind to go for!

What's more expensive VVS or vs1? ›

Both a VVS diamond and a VS diamond will have clarity features that in almost all cases cannot be seen with the naked eye. Yet, price differences between these two diamonds can be as high as 30%.

Which diamond clarity is best? ›

The best diamond clarity rating is Flawless (FL). These are the rarest diamonds in the world; less than 0.05% of all diamonds are Flawless or Internally Flawless.


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